On The Ontario Budget, 2012

Well, the Ontario Liberals tabled their budget today. Mr Hudak and the PCs are agin (no surprise). Ms Horwath and the NDP are waffling–wanting to consult Ontarians through a 1-800 number. Could someone closer to her than I please tell Ms Horwath that consulting Ontarians is what is normally called an “election” in a parliamentary democracy? She and her party must now do what they were put in Queen’s Park to do. Vote on a piece of legislation.

2 thoughts on “On The Ontario Budget, 2012

  1. Perhaps one does not want to spit into the wind…so finding the direction of the wind might be a good thing. For wind direction dial 1-800…..

  2. I understand why it’s being done, Jeremy. I would have thought, however, that what was decisively shown to be a bad idea when Reform tried it (remember “Doris Day”?), is still a bad idea when the NDP tries. At the end of the day, it absolves our elected members of responsibility to the point of making them redundant. Why not replace elections with polls and have the public deal directly with the bureaucracy on the basis of preference. That’s what direct democracy reduces to. . . . Just my thoughts.

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