A C. S. Lewis Electronic Library

Friends, a while back, I was asked to help advertise a great new resource for C. S. Lewis scholars, namely The C. S. Lewis Collection. Consisting of twenty-six primary works and four more edited collections, all the major works are included including Mere ChristianityMiraclesThe Screwtape Letters and The Space Trilogy. They even have three volumes of collected correspondence. That’s over 11000 pages of searchable text, 3000 of which is personal correspondence.

Not only does this product free up a significant amount of shelf space (and save some trees), it also helps those of us who research Lewis as much as we read him for enjoyment. Logos has taken the tagging technology that made them a major player in Bible software and applied it to the collection, enabling users to trace topics across the corpus wihtout having to manage multiple volumes (whether electronic or paper) to do so. This is not their first go round either. They have done the same with the works of Jonathan Edwards and have had great results.

The folks at Logos have been very gracious in permitting me an opportunity to “test run” the product and share my thoughts with you. It looks really exciting.

If you want to pre-order, click on the link above and receive a 30% discount off the full price! Check back here in a few days, after I’ve had a chance to work with the product and I’ll tell you more about it.


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