Does Your Heart Burn?

Here’s today’s sermon. Quite a motley crew of characters–Cleopas and his companion, Frodo and Sam, Puddleglum the Marsh-wiggle and Lucy Pevensie all show up. A very Inkling sermon indeed! Does Your Heart Burn?

2 thoughts on “Does Your Heart Burn?

  1. Thank you for a powerful sermon Tim.
    Puddleglum believed without seeing or knowing – he just trusted. I love this simple Marshwiggle – think he is wonderful and sometimes wish for his simplicity of faith. I too felt the call at the splitting of the stone table and wept with Lucy when she was told she couldn’t return. The Last Battle was the book to end all books for me at the age of 13. I knew I could never read such a beautiful and meaningful book ever again.
    You might even have inspired me to reread Tolkein which I never found as powerful!

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