Commentary Recommendations?

Hey TF readers, beginning in July and following thereafter for a good long while, I will be preaching from the OT lections. For a number of reasons.

(1) I need to bring this literature more securely within my preaching orbit.

(2) I believe in the continuity of the covenants.

(3) I see a creeping Marcionism that is embarrassed by the earthiness and violence of the OT amongst lay people and clergy that I know.

So, I’m looking for commentary recommendations. Today, it’s the best preaching commentary you can recommend for Samuel/Kings. Click on the title of this blog and you’ll be able to add your recommendation in the comments section.


7 thoughts on “Commentary Recommendations?

  1. Mary Douglas on Leviticus.
    Samuel Balentine Torah’s Vision of Worship
    Anything by Terence Fretheim.
    The first two are not commentaries strictly speaking but have opened the Torah up in pretty profound ways from my perspective.

  2. So are you looking for exegetical commentaries or devotional commentaries. I have dozens of both in my library if you preferr holding aa book in your hands to reading a computer screen. I will take a look when I get into my office…but you are more than welcome to borrow any books I have.

  3. Hey Jeremy: Exegetical with a view to preaching (as opposed to the textual minutae that excite only the most scholarly). E.g., if I have to pick between Word and NICOT, I should go with. . . .

  4. I seem to remember a Konkel writing an excellent commentary on Kings.

  5. HAHA Tim! 🙂 David Tsumura (NICOT) on 1 Samuel is great. I did enjoy the New American Commentaries of Paul House (Kings) and and Robert Bergen (Samuel). Joyce Baldwin always seems to write with a simplicity of depth and insight (TOTC on Samuel) and Don Wiseman’s work in the TOTC series is also helpful (Kings). Iain Provan in the NIBCOT for Kings may also prove useful (I’ve enjoyed several of his works).

  6. Daniel Berrigan has interesting things to say in The King’s and their gods. It’s a bit of a poetic commentary on Kings.

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