Jesus Christ: Epic Fail

A sermon for Maundy Thursday: Jesus Christ: Epic Fail

Sermon: Hell, Milton and More

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Sermon: Stealing Life: Greed and Sloth

This morning’s sermon is now up here: Stealing Life

Authorship, Words, and Reader Response. . . .

No, not a reflection on biblical hermeneutics. Just a quick “get it out of your head and onto the blog” moment. I ran across a quote last night. Here it is: “Death is something empires worry about. Not something resurrection people worry about.” Given the original author, my immediate thought was, “Please, get over yourself already. Prophets are not feted by CNN.”

Had the speaker been someone like Canon Andrew White or Bishop Mouneer Anis, who know both death and resurrection hope first hand, I would have taken notice and offered a quick prayer for them, the people they love, and for myself. For them, that they would be protected; for me, that I would be grateful for the peace in which I live and that I would not presume upon God’s goodness.

Funny, eh?

Sanctifying Desires (Or, Lust, Gluttony and Russell Brand)

Today’s sermon is now available above. Have a listen.

God and Dopamine

I ran across this meme on Facebook back in January that was, as far as I can tell, produced by a person or group that goes by the name “Chritiantoatheist”: “I don’t always experience God, but when I do, it’s dopamine.” The shortest response from a thoughtful believer is, “Of course it is.” (A thoughtful, but snarky one might add “duh” at the end). This is a pristine example of begging the question. It only works as a refutation of the existence of God on the presupposition that God does not exist. If God does exist, and we experience God in the same way that we experience other persons, then of course an experience of God would produce a chemical reaction in the brain. Just had to get that off my chest.

Philip, Nathanael and Evangelism

Here is yesterday’s sermon, friends. Would like to know what you think: Philip, Nathanael and Evangelism

Sermon: Mary at the Still Point

Here is this evening’s sermon. Mary at the Still Point

Sermon: The Gospel in Seven Words

It’s a little late, but here’s last Sunday’s sermon.

People who follow Fr. Robert Barron and Word On Fire will notice obvious overlaps with his own homily for last Sunday. I can only say, my sermon was “in the can,” well before I heard the good Father’s homily. It is, I would hope, a Providential confluence of good ideas, guided by the Gospel lesson.

The Call to Holiness: All Saints’ Day, 2014

This weekend, we celebrated the Feast of All Saints and welcomed Brook, Mia in to the family of God through the sacrament of baptism. Here is the sermon from today: The Call to Holiness